The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems

David Lucero on Why Local Farms Need Local Business

December 08, 2021 Mary Season 1 Episode 5
The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems
David Lucero on Why Local Farms Need Local Business
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ABOUT EPISODE 5 - David Lucero on Why Local Farms Need Local Business
Hear Guest and partner David Lucero discuss the interdependence between local farms and local business based on real life experience in farming, ranching and marketing.  David's marketing experience took him from small farms to global agricultural trade.
David fully understands that local food systems don't just need local farms.  They need an entire local community of support industries, including small businesses that can supply inputs or purchase farm products. 

To support local businesses, David works through End-O-Fite Enterprises LLC and its affiliate partnerships to offer
merchant processing services that help small businesses reduce credit card processing expenses, and financing options that help you and your customers get what you need, and other tools that help you grow.  For a full list of services available please visit our affiliate website and use referral ID 102102013.

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The Cornerstones of Healthy Food Systems Podcast Introduction by David Lucero.
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Welcome, Change of Guests
Introducing David Lucero
David's Agricultural Experience
Why Small Farms Disappeared in the 1980s
How the Loss of Independent Grocers Impacted Small Farms
The Go Big or Go Home Movement Hurt Farmers and Consumers
One Size Fits All Food Safety Regulations Don't Meet Varied Needs of Farmers and Consumers
Consumer Demand is Revitializing the Local Food Industry
There is a Place for That (ie: Large Scale Agriculture)
Local Economies Support Local Food Production